Black Sheep Necklace


Black Sheep Necklace
Sterling silver black sheep charm on sterling link chain or ball chain
Black Sheep is 20mm wide and 12mm tall

Chain Type: Choose link chain or ball chain
Chain Length: Choose 16”, 18”, 20”

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Product Description

To quote Cynthia from her Dangerous Minds interview on the origins of a symbol that has meant so much to many:
“Minor Threat’s “Out of Step” 12 EP cover… shows a black sheep leaping away from a flock of white sheep. The white sheep were illustrated in water color with fine lines. They were elegant and sophisticated, but looked like they were bored, and perhaps even happy about being bored. The black sheep, on the other hand, had his eyes open—an important detail some people miss when getting it as a tattoo!—and is leaping from the drab sophisticated crowd. He’s making a choice on being different and is happy about it. The crayon, of course, is a symbol of youth and innocence. One thing I didn’t do is that I colored the sheep in like an adult… not as like a child (in circles… adults would fill in the shape from left to right)…I just did one drawing. .. just drew it on the watercolor of the white sheep and I was done! So punk! I call him “Mr. Sheepy” now, when people ask about him. The interesting thing is, he’s NOT angry—as so much punk depicts—he’s merely making a choice to be different and has no qualms about it. He is intentionally jumping away. I love what he symbolizes and is still a guiding light in ways for myself. In the end, it’s about not having the fear of following your passion, being creative, and stepping out to support your ideas and the ideas of your friends. “

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