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Rusty Pistachio is a NYC based jewelry designer and creator.

His interest in jewelry making and art brought him to SUNY New Paltz where he completed his Masters in Metals. As a studied and trained sculptor, he combined his love of metal smithing and tattoo art to create PNUT Jewelry.

As a member of the hardcore/punk band H2O for the past 8 years, his music and tattoos bore the inspiration for his line. "Flash is bold and powerful; the impetus for my line."

Since Rusty usually averages 9 months of the year on the road, his downtime in NYC is spent designing, carving and creating jewelry. With his skill in metal work, he also creates custom, one-of-a-kind orders.

Each piece is hand made by Rusty, to ensure the quality and high standards that represent his study and craft.

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